Policy adapted by "Goka Ltd." to control the origin of purchased timber and social requirements.

Management of "Goka Ltd." assumes the following obligations:

  • When purchasing timber, give preference to certified suppliers who are eligible to sell products from PEFC certified timber.
  • Do not purchase and trade wood belonging to unacceptable categories:
  • - illegally harvested timber;

    - timber harvested in violation of traditional and civil rights;

    - wood harvested in high conservation value forests under threat of destruction;

    - wood harvested in forests as a result of their transfer to plantations or non-forest lands;

    - wood produced from genetically modified trees.

  • Eliminate the purchase and sale of timber from uncontrolled sources.

Goka Ltd. declares the fulfillment of social requirements and requirements of labor protection and safety.

  • Ensures freedom of association and the right to bargain collectively for employees;
  • Prohibits the use of forced labor within the organization;
  • Provides a minimum age for employees when hiring an organization;
  • Ensures a level playing field in recruitment, including recruitment, promotion, division of labor and firing;
  • Provides health and safety management, including documentation and reporting.

Management of "Goka Ltd." encourages all suppliers and buyers, as well as employees of the organization, to make every effort to comply with this Policy on the control of the origin of purchased materials and social requirements.


Supply Chain Complaints Procedure for Goka Ltd.

  1. The head of the Organization is responsible for handling complaints.
  2. Stakeholders’ supply chain complaints are accepted by Goka Ltd. at: ekaterina@goka-timber.com
  3. FMO uses a complaint mechanism to deal with and report on facts related to the supply of PEFC certified timber.
  4. Both suppliers and buyers of timber and third parties can submit a complaint.
  5. The company guarantees that it does not purchase or use timber from “dubious sources” in production.
  6. Complaints from suppliers, buyers and third parties regarding the Organization's supply chain are accepted in writing, through the postal service or in a place available for express delivery (company office).
  7. All received written complaints, suggestions and statements are registered in the electronic "Register of complaints on the PEFC supply chain "Goka Ltd." responsible person.
  8. The responsible person within 10 working days sends the complainant an official confirmation of receipt of the complaint.
  9. The organization collects and checks all the necessary information to assess and approve the fact stated in the complaint, after which it decides to take appropriate corrective and preventive measures aimed at resolving the complaint.
  10. A formal decision on the complaint and a report on the procedure for considering the complaint are sent to the complainant.
  11. A written response must be submitted no later than two months after the registration of the written application.
  12. All records on registration of complaints, suggestions and applications must be kept for 5 years.

List of PEFC product groups of Goka Ltd. - a broker without physical possession.

PEFC Product group PEFC Product Group Name / Trade Name PEFC material’s category Method of control of PEFC claim Specie’s code/ Common name
PEFC product code
1 03020 Sawn timber / Sawn timber 100% PEFC certified Physical separation 1 – coniferous/ Spruce, pine, larchwood
2 02010 Fuelwood (incl. Chips, residues, pellets, brickets, etc.)/
100% PEFC certified PEFC Physical separation 1 – coniferous/ Spruce, pine, larchwood
4 – not specified